Twitter Promotion


Twitter Promotion

Twitter ads are an excellent tool for businesses to get more brand visibility to a vast user base with minimal effort. Twitter's ad tool allows for particular campaigns that drive exceptional results when used correctly and also can be used effectively for both B2B and B2C. Twitter is a great news source that delivers information to people faster than all other media organizations.These days the majority of breaking news appears on Twitter first, and only after that it's published on mass media sites or shown on TV.

Twitter users share new information and reply to the message with lightning speed. That's one of its most significant advantages. People do not just save exciting content as they do it on other social media platforms.

Feature of Twitter Ads

Promoted Tweets

Promoted tweets are mainly used for gaining more exposure and sharing content to a broader audience, Offering deals to customers or prospects, increasing visibility for your brand or business. They appear at the top of users' timeline, at the beginning of search results just like Google results, but this time, there is a watermark under the tweets with 'Promoted' highlighted in yellow.

The average CTR (Click Through Rate) for promoted tweets are usually between 1-3% and higher for mobile users which is a better deal than other social media platforms but bear in mind that the CPC (Cost Per Click) for promoted tweets went up by 20% which means you have to pay more for promoted tweets compared to other social platforms.

Promoted Trends

Promoted Trends can be found on the lower left column under your profile summary. Promoted Trends are valuable in increasing visibility, promoting an event, product launch, and more; sadly, they don't appear in between Tweets, but they remain visible among the trends column.

Leads Generation

In research, about 34% of marketers have successfully generated leads through Twitter, well I believe the remaining must have been doing something wrong for their efforts to be futile.

Website Clicks and Conversion

Twitter ads can be used to drive traffic to your website's landing page either to make a purchase or email sign up while this might not be precisely effective because most people would not want to leave their timeline unless the offer is exceptionally inviting.

App Installs or Re-engagement

Twitter ads can be used to drive users to install apps because 75% of twitter users are mobile; this is a winning strategy. Twitter cards can be configured to install the app directly or lead to the download platform.

How can we create the perfect Twitter Promotion for your brand

Our experts will first analyze the complete status of your business, and then they will proceed with building and appealing profile on Twitter by using appropriate content. It will help in targeting the niche market of your industry, which in turn will add on a remarkable effect on your business.

• What can we do for you

1. Twitter Profile Creation, Design, and Optimization.
2. Background Customization of Twitter Page.
3. Branded Content Writing for Twitter Page.
4. Twitter Page Information Population.
5. Tweets.
6. Backlink Building from Tweets.
7. Twitter Follower Acquisition
8. Website Social Integration, and Analytics.
9. Reporting and Auditing.

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