Cost Per Open (CPO)


Cost Per Open (CPO)

WSNE Consulting is the best Email Marketing Service provider in Delhi. We are helping our clients from last 10 years by providing best services to boost their ROI. Email Marketing is the platform where you can target your prospective clients by sending them emails in bulk. As per Email market survey, people are spending a lot of money in email marketing campaigns but when they get the reports after the campaign, it annoys them when they see the open ratio of mails. So it is important to calculate the exact ROI you get from the email marketing campaign.

WSNE consulting has launched a new marketing campaign- COST PER OPEN in which the advertiser has to pay the amount as per email opened. So that means you have to pay only for those emails which has been delivered and read by the customer. This is our cost effective and minimal effort based model to help our clients in achieving their business goals all around the world.

Some of Main Reasons to go for CPO model

Quality over Quantity

In email marketing you send 1000 of emails to people but how many of mails reached to their inbox is important. Through CPO model, you will get the quality customers as you will pay only for those mails who has been opened by user


You only pay for user-opened mail. This way you save a lot of money that goes in vain when no one reads your mail.


With the growing competition it has become important for any business to be connected with their prospective clients effectively and within short period of time therefore they use email marketing campaign. WSNE Consulting provides the cost per open services to our clients where they only pay for the emails opened by their customers. In this way, they connect with maximum number of audience via email marketing. We provide the best quality services to our clients with main focus on increasing their return on investment. We have a dedicated support team who will always be there for you to help and your business to get the best results.