B2BB2C Web Portals


What are Web portals

All of us today are used to finding everything we are looking for thanks to Google and writing a simple URL, we browse thousands of pages every day ... yet we still have a lot of confusion about terms such as "website", and "portal" "web ". Unlike the website, the Web Portal is an online space reserved for a limited audience, when it asks the user to log in with a username and password, and contains a large amount of content and information designed for specific users: think, for example, of state portals and government portals, but also of corporate portals or many e-commerce sites, and portals for health and education.

In a nutshell, a web portal is a platform that offers employees, customers and suppliers of your company a single access point to all information and offers personalized information to each type of user. In addition, a web portal is the ideal solution to improve internal company communication,

Among the advantages that the web portal can offer you there is greater control of daily processes and the automation of activities as it is possible to access content not only from the corporate desktop device, but also from smartphones and tablets, at any time and from everywhere.

Today, most companies have developed a customized web portal, especially if employees are located in multiple locations or want to improve communication between the company and suppliers, but not only. We recommend that you implement a corporate web portal even if you need to request external contributions, manage multiple resellers or suppliers, want to increase the visibility of information or look for a scalable IT solution.

B2BB2C Web Portals

B2B/B2C web portals are designed to provide a variety of services. With a vast experience in this field, we offer end to end solutions to build user-friendly and efficient E-commerce web portals for our clients. Our innovative and cost active web portals are expertly designed by your business needs and maintain your unique brand identity providing you maximum visibility online.

Our expertise lies in setting up consultancy and outsourcing, Dynamic Website Development, recruitment services, custom website development, E-commerce portal, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and many more.

Our web portal solution is a website on the internet to provide the custom-made capability to their visitors. In addition to that, our business web portals are created to share a connection in workplaces. An additional business-driven requirement of portals is that the content must have the capacity to work on several platforms. In every module, any no of Modules; An administrator can add events & Roles through its Administration module.

Key Features of B2B/ B2C Web Portal Solutions

Dynamic site content editing Contacts Functionality, Announcements of Posts, News Posting, Event Posting, Sales, Information Functionality, Discussion forums Functionality, Website search functionality, Backend /Administration Functionality, Assigning access rights to user groups, Managing website structure.

B2B is a business activity based on the internet, which wraps the entire business dealings from business marketing to final deals.

Our proficiency in the domain of B2B/B2C areas lies in E-Commerce, Content Management, Search Engine Optimization, recruitment services, and social media marketing.

Content Management

WSNE Consulting empowers you to make your web gateway a compelling correspondence through promotion, especially on social media. We are instrumental through element upgrading, overseeing, and sharing of your content around the Web. Our services are adaptable and simple, and utilizing our content management instruments can help in boosting your site’s popularity and recognition around the world.

WSNE Consulting offer an aptitude in creating remote counselling frameworks that either effectively supplements your onsite services or function as an independent service through a customer portals.

Digital Media Distribution

We create digital media arrangements and content-rich applications for our clients to use. We enable our solutions with features as content digitization, encoding, encryption, metadata management, indexing and hunt abilities, computerized rights control, and management.

B2B and B2C Web Portal

Create a rich online experience for marketplaces, strategic advice, and solutions in the areas of Volume Hiring, Lateral Hiring, Executive Search, campus hiring, promotional videos, media, and entertainment, social networks, and communities. WSNE can help bring your ideas to life with our flexible developers and useful services.

Our B2C portal development strategy and approach incorporate all the necessary attributes as per the latest B2C trends that assist in keeping you one step ahead of the competition. We provide high quality, cost-effective solutions according to your B2C portal requirements.

We have designed different engagement models to suit the varied needs of our clients with Time and material, Milestone billing, Fixed time/Fixed-price, Dedicated Development team.

Our dedicated team model works for clients who want to work in close contact with the development team over an extended period. The dedicated teamwork as an extension of the client’s development centre.

B2B is the use of web-based technologies to conduct business between two or more companies. B2B applications are for electronic trades between the suppliers, customers, and business partners.

To increase your supply chain efficiency at lower costs, To help you improve customer service, To give you total supply chain management, Front and Back end support, Secured payment gateway and shopping cart solution, Reporting management.


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Our friendly support team ready to help you in any situation with 3 Support.

Our friendly support team ready to help you in any situation with 3 Support.