Android Apps Development


Android Apps Development

It is about the design and development (programming) of a piece of software that runs on any Android mobile phone.Such software is developed by computer programmer’s/software engineers for use by people in general or customized applications. The popular ‘WhatsApp’ is one such app.


Android is the name of the mobile operating system made by American company; Google. It most commonly comes installed on a variety of smartphones and tablets from a host of manufacturers offering users access to Google’s own services like Search, YouTube, Maps, Gmail and more. This means you can easily look for information on the web, Watch videos, Search for directions and write emails on your phone, just as you would on your computer, but there’s more to Android than these simple examples.

Android Software Development

Android software development is the process by which new applications are created for devices running the Android operating system. Google states that “Android apps can be written using Kotlin, Java and C++ languages” using the Android software development Kit, while using other languages is also possible.

Android was Initial released in October 2009; 10 years ago but its stable release (26.1.1) in September 2017; 2 years ago and it was written in Java developed by Google.

Advantages of Android

1. Android is open

Because it is Linux based open source so it can be developed by anyone.

2. Multitasking

Android phones can run many applications, it means you can browse while listened to the song.

3. Easy access to the Android App Market

Android owners are people who love mobile phones applications, with Google’s Android App market you can download many applications for free.

4. Can install a modified ROM

We sometimes find an unofficial ROM. That is the version that was not in accordance with the specification release our cell phones, the last way is modification. Do not worry there are many custom ROM that you can use on Android phones, and guaranteed no to harm your device.

5. Phone options are diverse

Android is different than the IOS, if the IOS is limited to the iPhone from Apple, then Android is available on mobile phones from various manufacturers, from Sony Ericsson, Motorola, HTC and Samsung. And each handset manufacturer also presents an Android phone in the style of each, such as Motorola with its Moto blur, Sony Ericsson with its Timescape. So you can freely choose the Android phone in accordance with the ‘Brand’ favorite.

Want an App for your business? If so, you have come to the right place.

WSNE (World’s Social Networking Enterprise) is one of the fastest growing web and mobile application development companies offering a Plethora of services. We, at WSNE, are your definitive source for setting up a fully functional Android app. WSNE has a brilliant team of android developers and designers who cater to your every need.

Being in Android application development business for past 10 years, we have developed a proven and established android development methodology, which works every time for every project. Our development process begins with formulating an effective strategy. Apart from designing and developing an android app, debugging them, integrating analytical tools, and so much more.

An app is all about serving better and we take everything very seriously and thus we always use a balanced approach to deal with all the challenges we may face during developing an Android app to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Our skilled and highly-qualified team of designers and developers choose advanced technologies including Android Software Development Kit (SDK), OpenGL API, Location API, Multimedia API, Java/J2ME, C++, Android NDK, and SQL Lite Database.


Our team at WSNE offers several animation effects that can be applied to text, pictures and other content. Contact us to know more.

• New themes

Our Custom-built android applications have new themes with unique wallpapers, fonts, emoji’s etc.

• Modern Widgets

Our custom-built android applications have gorgeous widgets to pretty home screen. To try them out, please contact us.

• Custom Animation

Our team at WSNE offers several animation effects that can be applied to text, pictures and other content.



Our Android developers possess proficiency and competency in building a plethora of different game apps for android users including educative, racing, puzzle, high end games and more.


Whether you are looking a news portal, an entertainment portal or merely an education portal, we have the right strategies and techniques to help you beat your competition in no time.


Our multifarious application development services help business of different domains in building a variety of different applications for Android users.


Our Android multimedia and enterprise solutions help business to develop Android compatible enterprise and multimedia applications.


Widen your business horizon by incorporating an e-commerce model by getting a highly flexible and robust e-commerce application for your android users.


Our android application services also cover development of application for numerous business including institutions, banks, insurance and more.


Android application developers at WSNE can also build high end GPS and Wi-Fi based web apps that renders superior quality and user interface.


Ensure your every Android app is running on the latest versions and offers superb user experience to your customers.