Google Mail (G Suite)


Google Mail (G Suite)

G Suite, formerly known as Google Apps, is a Google application service that can be used in a variety of ways, including using email under their own websites, sharing files or documents that can be shared quickly. Viewing online calendars can be shared across the organization Even if you want to have a meeting, you can have a meeting anywhere, anywhere. In addition, you can work in Word, Excel, and power point in Real-time.

Reasons for wanting G Suite

Out of the unstable email problems Emails in the trash, spam emails not delivered

G Suite implementation is like using Gmail. The difference is that the g suite can be used as an email name under their own website. Of course, the g suite has spam filtering. And work on the cloud causing problems that concern us absolutely not happening

Build credibility

Many people are used to using normal email, such as @Hotmail @yahoo @Gmail. Do you know that we send emails to our customers via regular email? Make your business organization lack credibility. If anyone is starting a business we should have our own email. To build credibility with your business organization

Owning an email account

The account owner can create, delete, or edit all of their own email. No matter what happens to the company, such as having employees resign, cannot contact fraud. Emails or contacts are sent to competitors the account owner is able to change the password and can view the entire email history of that employee.

Able to use Google drive with unlimited space.

For business organizations who want to store backup work files or want to share work files with the department other which many of you are worried about whether the space that we use is enough for use or not, here you don't have to worry because the storage space in the g suite is maximum without limiting the use space. Makes the answer to the problem as well

Online meeting

At present, each meeting appointment gradually become very difficult which came in incomplete or incompletely, causing the meeting to be postponed or stopped Even if wanting to meet in an urgent time Is something that is very difficult Would it be better to have a meeting together if you were able to meet anywhere, anytime, regardless of location? Makes it possible to be able to delay meetings and save on travel expenses

How to use the calendar

Can create a work schedule Can easily access Google calendar for all devices, whether mobile or computer the system will sync automatically.

What Can G Suite Do?

G Suite has more than 70 applications, each of which works together. Is the greatest advantage of G Suite.

Why use the G suite?

Helping you work anywhere because the document files are stored online on the cloud (Google Drive), can be pulled at any time and also is a backup of documents in itself if the device is damaged but the document is not lost importantly, it also provides unlimited storage space on the cloud.

Able to edit documents on the same page via Google Docs at the same time as a Real Time team member.

Owning a 100% email account. Can manage, create, delete, change password of employee emails by themselves. Even if the staff has resigned but the information in the email is definitely not lost to the staff

Confidence with world-class email system standards No more bothering problems such as sending out emails, not receiving destinations. Or the email falls into the trash Causing missed business opportunities to be frustrating

Can use email too @ Own domain name ( Increase credibility like a business professional.

Helps increase the convenience of sharing information with members of the team whether it is sharing file documents, sharing calendars, scheduling meetings

Helps save money in the organization because paying only for the part of the actual user

Allowing online meetings via Google Hangouts Meet, whether you're on the other side of the world can easily meet with the team Just connect to the internet only. And also supports usage on all devices