Cost Per Form Fill (CPS)


Cost Per Form Fill (CPS)

CPS meaning is acomposition that stands for Cost Per Sale. The term is common in digital advertising, but in some instances, it can also work with traditional media. The cost per sale begins with a budget and a date range. The creative assets are built and the advertising campaign is implemented.The CPS can be calculated by dividing the total amount of money the company spent on the ad campaign (the cost) by the sum of all sales made.

Benefits of CPS (COST PER SALE)

The cost per sale proves helps in finding the customer areas within the company where sales productivity can be strategically improved. It helps to find that which page or services want to optimized or Improve. The cost per sale should be continuously calculated to help companies discover different ways to lower their costs while improving results and increasing revenue.

The cost per acquisition (CPA) metric is frequently used with CPS to measure, record and report on the results of an advertising campaign. CPA refers to the measurement of the total cost of attaining one customer. When measured together, CPA and CPS can provide a strong picture of how successful a campaign is.


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